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Apprenticeship to become an industrial insulator (m/f)

As an industrial insulator, you are able to protect people, buildings and facilities against fire, heat, cold and noise by installing insulation in walls and on pipes. This is, of course, more easily said than done – first of all, you have to determine exactly what is needed and then prepare the material to meet these requirements. This includes preparing the pipes and metal surfaces with a variety of special techniques to make sure the individual parts fit together perfectly. Welding joints are added so that you can then join them together. Once this has been completed, you then install the modules, pipe sections or ventilation ducts. Other tasks include carrying out maintenance work, protecting parts against corrosion and installing insulation.

The most important facts for your future

    • What the course involves

      An apprenticeship to become an industrial insulator lasts 3 years. During this time, you play an active role at the company so that you can put the theory learned at your vocational college straight into practice. What's more, you get to know about the different types of insulation systems and are taught various welding techniques, such as gas, arc and inert gas arc welding. You also learn how to operate transport and lifting equipment to ensure the components can be moved safely from one place to another.

      Your qualifications and skills

      The minimum qualifications needed to do this apprenticeship at our company is a 'Hauptschulabschluss' [school leaving certificate (age 16)]. Besides this, you should have an understanding of technology and be good at working with your hands – the latter is a must here. Furthermore, you should feel comfortable working high above the ground. What's important, as far as your character is concerned, is that you are a reliable team player. A sound knowledge of Maths and Physics is important for certain parts of the job – such as installing insulation or calculating material requirements.

      Your future prospects

      Successfully completing an apprenticeship is the first step towards your future career. If you get good grades, then can join our future-oriented group and make the most of our further training programme. Once you have gathered enough experience, you can, for example, train to get your master qualifications or to become a technician.

Pascal Kaiser – apprentice, XERVON, Gelsenkirchen

    • What's important for my apprenticeship? You have to be ambitious, motivated and enjoy what you're doing. REMONDIS offers its employees great career prospects and opportunities. So much is new when you start an apprenticeship: the colleagues, the bosses, the other apprentices and, of course, the new subjects taught at the vocational college. Having said that though, you feel at home straight away because you're part of a team right from the start. You are also taught a lot of new things, especially in the inter-company training courses. I really enjoy learning the theory as it helps me understand how the different practical tasks are connected to each other. I do have a tip for those thinking of applying to do an apprenticeship: it's always best to do an internship first and do some research into what is taught during an apprenticeship so as to get an idea of the work involved. That's what I did and I knew exactly what to expect. I'll be taking my finals soon and then I'll finally be able to call myself a skilled worker.

    • Vacancies

      Would you like to train to become an industrial insulator (m/f) at our company? Then simply follow this link to see what vacancies we currently have on offer and send us your application.


      Please note that the information given here only refers to our vacancies in Germany.

  • A few job application tips

    Make sure your application is a success. Watch our short video to find out what's important when you apply to REMONDIS Maintenance & Services.

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