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Apprenticeship to become a plant mechanic (m/f)

As a plant mechanic, you work wherever pipes, pipe networks, air conditioning, ventilation systems, boilers and other vessels need to be converted or maintained. This means, of course, that your place of work can be practically anywhere - even high above the ground or in tight spaces, such as manholes or pipe shafts. Such work has to be planned and prepared meticulously to ensure the right tools and spare parts are on hand when they are needed. And this is where you play such an important role: you plan, organise and carry out the work so that it reflects every detail of the construction drawings, site plan and welding plans. You prepare all the materials and equipment beforehand and then do all necessary installation, repair and maintenance work together with your colleagues.

The most important facts for your future

    • What the course involves

      An apprenticeship to become a plant mechanic lasts 3½ years. During this time, you get a real insight into how a whole range of facilities relevant to your course are produced, maintained and serviced. In addition, you learn how to follow precise instructions as well as how to produce and read technical drawings. Other tasks include producing individual parts and tools. The know-how needed to be able to do this is taught at your vocational college. You then get hands-on experience of carrying out this work at our company under the supervision of your trainer – a perfect balance between theory and practice that ensures you achieve the best results.

      Your qualifications and skills

      To be able to do this apprenticeship, you must have a 'Hauptschulabschluss' [school leaving certificate (age 16)] with good grades in Maths and Physics. Moreover, you must be interested in technology, be good at working with your hands and feel comfortable working at height and in tight spaces. Having good spatial awareness certainly makes your everyday work easier. We would prefer you to have some practical or theoretical knowledge of technical drawing. What's more, you must be able to work as part of a team, have a strong sense of responsibility and work in a very careful manner.

      Your future prospects

      Once you have successfully finished your apprenticeship, there is not only a very good chance that you'll be taken on by our company, you can also benefit from our further training programme and its wide range of courses. There are a number of options available to you depending on which route you wish to take. If you are interested in taking on more responsibility, for example, you can continue your training to become a trainer yourself. If you prefer to focus more on the technical aspects of your job, then you can take part in further training courses to become, for example, a technician.

Sebastian Böttcher – apprentice, XERVON, Münchsmünster

    • I've already worked at a number of different locations. The welding work has been particularly interesting. What's important in this job is patience, punctuality and the ability to work as part of a team. People thinking of applying to do this apprenticeship must be prepared to learn. I decided to join REMONDIS as I had already done an internship at the firm. I enjoy working in such a big company as the work is so varied and the pay is right as well. I would always recommend doing an internship first to get an idea of whether the job is right for you or not.

    • Vacancies

      Would you like to train to become a plant mechanic (m/f) at our company? Then simply follow this link to see what vacancies we currently have on offer and send us your application.


      Please note that the information given here only refers to our vacancies in Germany.

  • A few job application tips

    Make sure your application is a success. Watch our short video to find out what's important when you apply to REMONDIS Maintenance & Services.

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