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Choosing the right path: internships at REMONDIS Maintenance & Services

  • We offer internships and work placements – both for people wanting to get an idea of what our apprenticeship courses are like as well as for students wishing to do a practical semester during their degree course. What's more, it is also possible for you to write your dissertation for your Bachelor's or Master's degree in cooperation with our company. Perhaps we have what you need. We can be found across the whole of Germany. Close to you as well.

    A note about your application

    Please send your CV with your application and let us know when, where and what kind of internship you are interested in doing. So that you get off to a perfect start.

  • Work placements / internships

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      A great way to gain an insight into our day-to-day business for all those eager to learn more

    • Doing a course-related work placement or internship at our company allows you to get to know about the work performed by the experienced industrial services providers BUCHEN and XERVON as well as about the commercial tasks carried out by REMONDIS Maintenance & Services, the shareholder and service company of these two groups. You'll be actively involved in our day-to-day business and there are always plenty of people around to answer your questions. This is a great opportunity to gain an insight into a potential future career. What better place to do this than at a company that is such a success both at home and abroad?!

    We offer

    Work placements for students who need to complete a placement (in line with their exam/course regulations) as part of their university degree as well as voluntary internships for undergraduates which can last up to three months. What's more, we also offer voluntary internships for people who are still deciding which career or degree course they would like to do. These, too, can last up to three months. Please send in your exam/course regulations with your documents if you are applying to do an obligatory work placement.

Tina Weber – undergraduate internship, REMONDIS Maintenance & Services, Cologne

    • I've been doing an internship in the corporate development / marketing department at REMONDIS Maintenance & Services GmbH & Co. KG since 01.10.2016 as part of my General Management degree course at the European University of Applied Sciences in Brühl. My colleagues made me feel welcome right from the very start and I've been able to do a wide variety of tasks. Over time, I've been given more and more responsibility and have even been able to manage my own projects. I help my colleagues to create and update website pages, to do research work and draw up presentations, to prepare for trade fairs and to design brochures and flyers. And those are just a few examples. My working week is always varied and always interesting as our department is responsible for so many different areas and my time is divided up between working at the company and studying at university. This also means I can put the theory I learn in the seminars straight into practice. The fact that I really want to succeed and am so committed to what I am doing are certainly helping me to do well in my course – as is the fact that I enjoy meeting new people. I can certainly recommend that you do an apprenticeship or a work placement at REMONDIS Maintenance & Services. The company offers a wide range of apprenticeship courses, they support their staff and further their skills and there is a great working atmosphere here.


    • Click here to find our current vacancies for graduate internships, students looking to do a work placement and students working on their dissertations/theses.

  • A few job application tips

    Make sure your application is a success. Watch our short video to find out what's important when you apply to REMONDIS Maintenance & Services.

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