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  • Top quality further training programmes

    We strongly believe that it is essential to have long-term personnel development strategies in place so that our company continues to be a success in the future. Which is why we invest in our technical and commercial specialists and our managers to grow and enhance their skills. REMONDIS Maintenance & Services has put together its own personnel and management development programme that offers a wide variety of courses and seminars which are held by its own trainers or in collaboration with external training institutes.

Our Voerde training centre

    • BUCHEN offers a wide range of highly specialised industrial services to a variety of sectors. To reflect its customers' – and indeed its own – expectations, it has set itself stringent standards when it comes to the quality of its work, health & safety and environmental protection. We decided to train our employees ourselves to make sure we always meet these standards and opened up our own training centre in Voerde am Niederrhein in 2008. The centre's programme aims to refresh, update and/or extend our employees' skills and specialist know-how. A decision that has proven to be well worth its while with more than 2,500 people having successfully taken part in courses there.

    • Management trainee programmes

      • Any person who takes on a managerial position at REMONDIS Maintenance & Services is also taking on responsibility. We offer young talents the opportunity to take part in our management trainee programme to prepare them in the best possible way for such a role in the future. The programme, which lasts approx. nine months, begins with an analysis of the person's skills – laying the foundations for their individual path towards their future managerial tasks.

        • The individual modules:

          • Development centre – skills analysis
          • Team-building processes
          • Basic management module
          • Leadership simulation game
          • Change management
          • Persuading & negotiating skills
          • Business simulation game

      Belt courses & operational management skills at XERVON

      • Blue belt courses

        XERVON offers its customers a wide range of industrial services, some of which are extremely complex. Operational management skills are, therefore, very important here. We have put together a five-day programme to provide our employees with the targeted support they need. This programme includes lectures, seminars, hands-on exercises and role playing as well as the time for the participants to exchange information among each other - all of which helps grow and enhance the know-how of our technical managers. Our own specialists run the courses, teaching our employees how to execute projects so that they are completed successfully and to the satisfaction of the customer.

        Following this, participants can take part in an advanced course, which is primarily based on current projects (over 80 percent) and focuses almost entirely on practical, hands-on skills. This advanced course lays the foundations for the participants to take over the long-term management of an operational unit on the market.

        • The individual modules:

          • Contractual management
          • The use of subcontractors
          • On-the-job safety
          • Personnel costs
          • Compiling offers
          • Project/work preparation
          • Project/work fulfilment
          • Business administration
          • Closing out projects
          • Leadership/communication
          • Assessment

      BUCHEN's management development programme

      • As BUCHEN has such high expectations of its operational managers, we have developed a programme comprising of four modules to ensure these are met. This programme grows and enhances the expertise of our technical managers. Our own specialists run the courses, teaching the participants vital leadership and communication skills. In addition, they learn more about on-the-job safety, the fundamentals of employment law, the different ways to plan and execute projects as well as the economic aspects of order control.

        • The individual modules:

          • Personnel management
          • Communication skills
          • On-the-job safety
          • Employment law
          • Project/work preparation
          • Staff deployment
          • Business administration
          • Operational project/work fulfilment
          • Processing enquiries
          • Compiling offers
          • Sales management
  • "Before I joined REMONDIS and its scaffolding division, I had been looking for work. Having successfully completed an apprenticeship to become a metal worker specialising in mechanical engineering and a further training course to become a management assistant in wholesale and foreign trade, I found myself without a job because my employer was unable to take me on. It was during this phase that I began working in the area of scaffolding. I was, therefore, a newcomer to this profession.

    Which turned out to be a stroke of luck as I ended up at REMONDIS' subsidiary XERVON. I became part of a great team and discovered just how much I enjoyed the work of a scaffolder. And all my hard work has paid off as I have been a member of the site management team since 2010.

    My employees and I primarily work in the area of industrial scaffolding. However, having said that, we are also involved in façade scaffolding projects or in setting up mobile platforms. Part of my everyday work includes accepting customer orders and dividing the work up among my different teams. I supervise the work while the scaffolding is being erected and write down all the measurements that are needed for invoicing the customer. Together with my customer, I then approve the scaffold for use once it's been completed.

    My job throws up new challenges every single day. But this is one of the reasons why I enjoy it so much. I'm responsible for ensuring that my employees stay safe while they are at work and that they go home to their family at the end of the day fit and healthy. Together, we make sure our customers are satisfied with our work and help ensure the company is a success.

    I'm very grateful that REMONDIS has put such trust in me and my abilities. I have been able to make a career for myself here thanks to the regular further training courses that I have attended. And this is another thing that I appreciate about this family-run company: any employee who is reliable and dedicated to their work can carve out a career for themselves."

    Ahmet Cevik, scaffolding site manager, XERVON GmbH

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