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REMONDIS Maintenance & Services
Unsere strengen Qualitäts- und Sicherheitsstandards setzen wir in allen Bereichen durch - natürlich auch im Katalysatorhandling.
Unsere strengen Qualitäts- und Sicherheitsstandards setzen wir in allen Bereichen durch - natürlich auch im Katalysatorhandling.
  • Our QHSE expertise

    Our principles, our goals and our commitment to QHSE (quality, health, safety, environment) have been defined in our business principles – and these high standards are implemented in our everyday work across all areas of our operations. Which is why we have been issued with all the relevant national and international accreditations. As our customer, you can rest assured that we will always deliver reliable QHSE standards no matter what task we may be carrying out for you.

  • Our Business Principles

    Our business principles are an integral part of our company policy. These principles are being continuously further developed and fine-tuned with the help of our employees. They are based on clearly defined joint tasks, responsibilities and objectives and involve open and transparent processes.

    • We...

      • collaborate closely with our customers to provide mutually beneficial services
      • believe our success is based on the skills and expertise of our employees
      • work tirelessly towards creating a cleaner environment
      • unite business success with quality, safety, health and environmental protection
      • comply with all laws and regulations and are committed to social responsibility.
    • Transparency is important to us

      We have put together a brochure for you that takes a more detailed look at our business principles

  • Always up to date: our certificates

    Quality, health, safety and environmental protection are all high on our customers' list of priorities. As they are on ours. This is underlined by both our accreditations and certificates and the processes we use to continuously monitor and improve all quality-relevant areas of our business.

    • We have been issued certificates in many different areas including:

      • ISO 9001 – Quality Management
      • ISO 14001 – Environmental Management
      • SCCP/SCP – Safety Management
      • OHSAS 18001 – Occupational Safety Management
      • ISO 50001 – Energy Management
      • KTA 1401 – Quality Assurance in acc. with the KTA [Nuclear Safety Standards Commission]
      • EfbV – Ordinance on Specialised Waste Management Companies
    • QHSE in black and white

      We have put together a list of the certificates issued to REMONDIS Maintenance & Services for you to read

Focusing on quality, health, safety and the environment (QHSE)

Quality, health, safety and the environment are all very important issues at REMONDIS Maintenance & Services. All business divisions and all subsidiaries must implement and help further improve these areas to ensure that all fields of business meet and deliver the same high standards. All these activities are based on the company's integrated management system, which covers all management processes, all operational processes and all supporting processes. The system is shaped and governed by laws and regulations, our customers' requirements, technical standards and internal guidelines. Audits are carried out by external accreditation institutes and the company's head office to make sure these standards are being met.

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  • Brochures & certificates

    All our divisions across Europe have been issued with the required quality and safety management accreditations.

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