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REMONDIS Maintenance & Services

Recycling, service and water expertise

  • Recycling, services, water – REMONDIS is one of the world's leading providers in all three sectors with over 30,000 employees working at around 800 locations across four continents. Its customers include more than 30 million people and several thousand companies all around the globe – a number that continues to rise steadily. Thanks to its smart network of specialist firms, you – as a customer of the REMONDIS Group – have access to the extensive capacities of one of the leading industrial services providers, now and in the future.

  • A wealth of expertise under one roof

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  • Targeted towards internationalisation

    At REMONDIS, we speak the same language as our customers. All around the world. With over 80 years' experience, we operate across four continents, namely Europe, Asia, Oceania and Africa. We are steadily expanding our international operations in line with company objectives while always, of course, exercising sound judgement. By using smart recycling technologies, we are able to recover raw materials and drive forward the development of innovative recycled products. We offer alternative sources of fuel as well as efficient water supply and wastewater treatment systems. What's more, our portfolio includes a wide range of industrial services for businesses and public services for local authorities and/or their local residents. And no matter which field it may be, our focus is always on protecting the environment and curbing climate change – in the interests of all those people who use or process our services and products.

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  • Corporate Compliance

    • Responsibility and honesty are the cornerstones of REMONDIS' company culture. No matter what country or field of business we operate in, our actions are always guided by legal regulations and ethical and moral principles. Our activities are based on our corporate compliance guidelines which our management teams and employees follow at all times.

      Moreover, we also have strict guidelines in place on how to select and check our business partners. These include, for example, ensuring that they meet and maintain social and environmental standards. Our comprehensive Code of Conduct defines all relevant areas and applies to all REMONDIS Group companies including, therefore, REMONDIS Maintenance & Services, BUCHEN and XERVON.

    • Download the REMONDIS Group's Corporate Compliance Guidelines (PDF) here

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    All our divisions across Europe have been issued with the required quality and safety management accreditations.

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