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REMONDIS Maintenance & Services

Maintenance, industrial insulation, scaffolding and co.

Energy, chemicals and petrochemicals, onshore and offshore. XERVON deliberately made the decision to focus on a specific number of industries so that it could provide its customers with the expert advice and support they need. Having worked in these areas for so many years now, we know each and every process that our customers use. This knowledge enables us to develop future-oriented solutions that not only add value to their business but also grows efficiency and safety levels. Always with a high degree of routine combined with a great interest in being able to take on and master new challenges.

  • A few facts & figures: a sure sign of our success

    • > An overview of our company in 2019
      Turnover (in euro millions)585
      No. of locations in Germany51
      No. of countries12
  • A wide range of industrial services

    XERVON plays an integral role in a range of different industries. Thanks to our extensive portfolio of high quality services – developed to reflect the specific requirements of each sector – we are able to provide expert solutions for a variety of industries.

    • Scaffolding

      • From conventional façade scaffolding, to industrial scaffolds, all the way through to bespoke structures: we will always be able to find the most suitable solution for your project. No matter where you may be, you can rely on the practical experience and know-how of our 1,000 employees. Able to deploy teams of highly qualified operatives and access stocks of around 100,000 tonnes of equipment at short notice, we have become one of the leading scaffolding businesses across Germany and Europe.

        These services are provided by:

        XERVON GmbH

      Maintenance work

      • For over 45 years now, XERVON Instandhaltung (XERVON's sister company responsible for maintenance services) has been collaborating with companies from the process industry as well as from many other industrial sectors. Our maintenance experts are there to help you with whatever you need – from planning and carrying out individual services, strategies or full service solutions for specific areas of your plant, all the way through to taking over full management of your site. Moreover, XERVON Instandhaltung is one of the leading providers of technical services for the specialty field of shutdown management.

        These services are provided by:

        XERVON Instandhaltung GmbH

      Industrial insulation

      • XERVON's range of industrial insulation systems protects plants and their components against malfunctions and wear and tear – helping, therefore, to make operations considerably more cost effective. Thanks to our bespoke solutions, we ensure safety and environmental requirements are met and help to reduce energy consumption. From storage tanks and turbines, to pumps and pipes, all the way through to valves and air conditioning systems – XERVON has both the right materials and processes to meet your specific needs.

        These services are provided by:

        XERVON GmbH

      Industrial and recruitment services

      • XERVON Facharbeiter- und Montageservice and XERVON Industrial Plant Services can supply you with specialist employees, such as inspection personnel, plant and machine fitters, crane and fork-lift truck operators and warehouse staff to name just a few. Our flexible services ensure you always have the staff you need, for example during peak periods, and cover a wide range of professions – including office staff able to carry out admin tasks.

        These services are provided by:

        XERVON Facharbeiter- und Montageservice GmbH
        XERVON Industrial Plant Services GmbH

      Surface technology

      • XERVON Oberflächentechnik, the company's surface technology experts, have been in high demand for many years now whenever industrial corrosion protection solutions, specialty coatings and professional concrete repair work are needed. The experts working at XERVON's sister company not only offer all standard coating systems, they also have specialty solutions to prevent your plants, components and steel structures being damaged by wear and tear, erosion or corrosion.

        These services are provided by:

        XERVON Oberflächentechnik GmbH

      Refractory engineering

      • Our sister company, SCHLÜSSLER, offers highly efficient and pioneering solutions covering all areas of refractory engineering – from advice and preparatory engineering work, all the way through to installation and dry heating. No matter whether it involves building new facilities or repairing, servicing or optimising existing plants – SCHLÜSSLER is able to take on and master every refractory engineering challenge.

        These services are provided by:

        SCHLÜSSLER Feuerungsbau GmbH

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