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Discover the world of REMONDIS with its approx. 900 branches and associated companies in over 30 countries across Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

REMONDIS Group locations

A unified network of industrial services

Offering highly specialised services, our group delivers practical solutions that add value to our customers’ operations and help make them even more efficient and safer. We are able to do this by making the very most of our wide-ranging expertise, long-standing industry experience and innovative strength. A combination of strengths that has made us the leading business in our markets around the world.

REMONDIS Maintenance & Services – Two groups unified under one roof

REMONDIS Maintenance & Services provides services to BUCHEN and XERVON. Besides handling strategic management and coordination tasks, it also acts as a shared service company offering in-house services to its operational units.

REMONDIS Maintenance & Services belongs to the REMONDIS Group, one of the world’s largest recycling, service and water company

The centralized services include the following areas



Legal Affairs & Compliance



Finance & Accounting

Corporate Development & Marketing

Facility Management



Altogether, REMONDIS Maintenance & Services, BUCHEN and XERVON employ around 9,000 people in over 55 companies.

BUCHEN – A whole host of specialist industrial services

BUCHEN is one of the leading providers of industrial services in Europe. It offers a comprehensive portfolio of specialist technical services such as tank services, catalyst handling, sludge dewatering work and power plant services. One hallmark of BUCHEN’s business is its strong focus on automated industrial cleaning processes that have been further developed and improved by its own engineers. BUCHEN also carries out remediation work taking on a variety of dismantling, clearance and demolition projects as well as removing any hazardous substances. With around 70 business locations in twelve countries, BUCHEN can be found wherever companies operating in the large-scale and heavy industry, the energy sector or in chemicals and petrochemicals are located.

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XERVON – A wide range of technical services

XERVON is one of the world’s leading industrial service providers. One of its main areas of business is scaffolding where it is able to deliver practically all sizes and categories of scaffold. Another focal point of its operations is on industrial insulation to optimise the performance of plants and machinery. XERVON’s sister companies offer highly professional services in the areas of maintenance work, surface technology, refractory engineering and E&I technology as well as bespoke technical services for wind farms. Its maintenance division primarily focuses on delivering maintenance and repair services to production facilities operating in the process industry. XERVON has over 50 business locations across Germany and operates in a further eight European countries and Middle East via its foreign subsidiaries.

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One of our top priorities is ensuring that exemplary QHSE standards are in place across all of our divisions. Both BUCHEN’s and XERVON’s companies stand out from the crowd as a result of the many national and international accreditations they have been issued in the areas of quality, health, safety, and environmental management.

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