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A strong team in Sweden

Three trades, four specialist companies, 160 operatives – BUCHEN and XERVON pool together their expertise and deliver an impressive performance during a turnaround in Lysekil, Sweden

When different trades offering a variety of highly specialist services come together and collaborate, they can create the ideal basis for delivering strong service-based solutions. This was clearly demonstrated during the 2022 turnaround at a refinery in Lysekil which saw both BUCHEN and XERVON contributing extensive packages of services to the project. Both companies know this refinery on Sweden’s west coast well. They have been providing it with complex industrial services for a long while now – and often together, working as a team, as their core areas of expertise fit together so well.

Last year, XERVON Instandhaltung once again took on some major planning and management work and carried out mechanical maintenance tasks on, for example, 47 heat exchangers and 33 air coolers. BUCHEN UmweltService performed any necessary cleaning work on this machinery either in situ or at a dedicated cleaning area. The industrial cleaning experts were also supported by their colleagues from BUCHEN Sweden AB. This foreign subsidiary, which has been part of BUCHEN for one year now, has a branch in Lysekil and works for the refinery all year round. The specialists from BUCHEN-ICS were responsible for the catalyst handling work, removing around 2,000 tonnes of spent catalyst from eleven reactors and then filling them with new material. BUCHEN-ICS also has its own branch in this Swedish town.

Around 160 experienced operatives spent between two and five weeks working on the turnaround.

All in all, BUCHEN and XERVON’s various teams of specialists spent between two and five weeks working on the turnaround. Around 160 experienced operatives were able to clearly show just what benefits can be created when several trades collaborate: with their perfectly dovetailed tasks, tried and tested processes, smooth operations and exacting standards, they were able to deliver the highest levels of productivity, quality and safety.

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