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International assignments

BUCHEN’s highly specialised services are in high demand in other European countries besides Germany – for example, at two refineries in Greece and Poland

BUCHEN recently travelled to a refinery in Greece to replace catalyst – a project that involved eight reactors at three of the site’s large-scale facilities. The BUCHEN-ICS specialists had already begun planning their tasks when their customer brought the project forward by more than two months. This change to the schedule meant that all previously made plans became obsolete – from staff planning to equipment logistics. The first BUCHEN-ICS teams immediately headed for Greece with their colleagues gradually joining them as soon as they could. All in all, the company deployed a good 50 operatives who removed the 750 tonnes of spent catalyst and replaced them with 750 tonnes of new material. The project was completed within five weeks according to schedule. A further successful example of the collaboration work with this Greek client, who has been relying on BUCHEN-ICS’ expertise for over 25 years.

This Greek client has been relying on BUCHEN-ICS’ expertise for over 25 years.

In Poland, BUCHEN UmweltService and its subsidiary from Gleiwitz had been commissioned to perform all of the industrial cleaning work needed at a refinery in Gdańsk. The Polish operatives took over all of the plant cleaning tasks. Their German colleagues were responsible for running a dedicated cleaning area, where they cleaned more than 200 heat exchangers and all corresponding parts. The range of services provided by the company covered the whole of the workflow – from delivering crane services, to efficiently completing the cleaning processes, all the way through to drawing up all necessary documentation.

Over 100 BUCHEN specialists were involved in the project, the majority of who were required to operate high pressure water jetting technology – one of the company’s core areas of expertise. Thanks to their expert knowledge of this field, they were able to complete the heavy workload within a very short period of time, helping their client to achieve the ambitious timetable it had set itself for this particular turnaround.

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