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Refurbishing a pipe bridge network

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Pipe bridges are always regularly checked and carefully maintained. Time will, however, eventually leave its mark on them and after a number of decades, they, too, must be overhauled. And this is when it gets difficult as refurbishing such structures is a complex task. After all, this type of infrastructure must be renovated while operations continue as normal and a whole number of different specialists are required who must collaborate closely with one another. Furthermore, the coatings used in the past to protect the pipe bridges from corrosion are considered to be hazardous nowadays, so that strict safety standards are necessary – from risk assessments, to health and safety plans, all the way through to designing the site so that work can be performed in contaminated areas.

The Cologne-Merkenich Chemical Park shows perfectly just what it means to overhaul a pipe bridge system. XERVON is currently in the process of refurbishing the three-kilometre-long pipe bridge network there section by section. This project in Cologne-Merkenich will take several years to complete and requires around 20 different services, the majority of which are needed for each individual section. All of these essential tasks are being provided by specialist divisions belonging to the REMONDIS Group – a strong team of experts who are used to working with each other and making quick decisions. Two major advantages that help to cut time and costs and ensure top quality work is delivered. The pipe bridge refurbishment work is being planned, managed and coordinated by XERVON Instandhaltung, the chemical park’s long-standing operator and maintenance partner.

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