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Know-how around the production of green hydrogen

With its highly specialised services in the field of electrolysis plants, XERVON IPS is focusing on future technologies in the hydrogen economy.

Whether as electricity storage, feedstock for synthetic fuels or basic material for industry: green hydrogen opens up numerous possibilities on the path to climate neutrality. Accordingly, intensive work is being done at all levels to expand the H2 infrastructures needed for its production, distribution and use.

Green hydrogen is the term used to describe hydrogen (H2) that is produced by means of electrolysis and in which the energy required for this process comes exclusively from renewable energy sources.

Specialisation creates prospects

In their core business of industrial maintenance, the XERVON IPS experts specialised a long time ago in providing services in the context of electrolysis plants. The resulting expertise is now more important than ever. After all, green hydrogen is produced by electrolysis using renewable energies. As a result, XERVON IPS is becoming increasingly involved in the realisation of the hydrogen economy over and above maintenance projects, right up to the production of the electrolysers required. Over the past few months, for example, the specialists have been able to use their special skills to work on two test plants for the production of green hydrogen. The focus here was on membrane technology, a field in which XERVON IPS has in-depth practical experience and a high level of specialisation.

Working with electrolytic membranes requires special knowledge, precision and a sure instinct. XERVON IPS has been working with these demanding components for many years now as part of its Remembraneing service package.

There is also demand for logistics and electrolyser assembly services for which XERVON IPS is able to provide experienced, well-trained specialists. It is the declared aim of the German government to support the rapid market ramp-up of green hydrogen and to establish the corresponding value creation chains. Hydrogen technologies and systems are also considered a value chain of strategic interest in the EU. For XERVON IPS that there is still a lot to do in the years ahead.

XERVON Instandhaltung assembled a power-to-liquid plant in Emsland. The article "Piping for Green Hydrogen" reports on this

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