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A townhall draped in art

Turning renovation work into an art exhibition

Work is currently being carried out to renovate the façade of Vienna’s town hall – a project that will involve eleven separate building phases and last until 2024. The sixth stage began this summer and had the team turning their attention on the central tower of this 130-year-old building. A great opportunity for a spectacular art project for everyone to enjoy.

The perfect place for great art

If protective netting is needed for restoration work, then it can be transformed into an impressive open air museum. As this is precisely what the City of Vienna did. It used this necessary safety measure to create Austria’s largest art installation: a work of art that was approx. 70 metres high and displayed the silhouettes of two figures painted completely in red. Covering a surface area of 1,500 square metres, this image – which was promoting a cosmopolitan Vienna – encased the town hall’s tower from May to October. The colour fitted in perfectly with a series of events which have also been held in the city under the motto “100 years of Red Vienna” this year.

XERVON Austria makes it possible

This spectacular piece of art was designed by the Viennese transgender artists, Ashley Hans Scheirl and Jakob Lena Knebl. XERVON Austria supported this project by installing the scaffolding pieces needed to fix the installation in place. XERVON had also erected the façade scaffolding covering the 98-metre-high tower that was hidden behind the work of art. The company moved in to start dismantling the scaffold once the renovation work to the upper section of the tower had been completed which meant that the art installation had to be taken down as well. The scaffolding in front of the lower part of the tower will remain there until well into next year so that the town hall’s unique sandstone façade can be renewed.

Watch a video on the restoration of Vienna’s town hall here

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