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Welcome to Porsche

Drive towards the Porsche centre in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen and you’ll see an impressive car sculpture in front of the building: three white Porsche 911s ‘hovering’ up to 24 metres above the Porscheplatz. They are part of the ‘Inspiration 911’ sculpture and are there to welcome visitors from all around the world. Last summer, these three sport classics had to spend some time back down on the ground. Maintenance work had to be carried out on the pillars of the Porsche sculpture – a task which saw MACK Gerüsttechnik, a company of the XERVON Group, providing and erecting all of the scaffolding and work platforms required.

Zuffenhausen is the heart of Porsche’s operations. This is where the first 911 rolled off the production line in 1963.

A work platform for heavy equipment

Zuffenhausen is the heart of Porsche’s operations. This is the place where the first ever 911 rolled off the production line in 1963. This is where the legend began – a legend that continues to fascinate people today. Inspired by this classy dream car, the British artist Gerry Judah created a sculpture with three two-pronged pillars reaching for the sky, each off them topped with one of these legendary vehicles. Installed on the roundabout in front of the Porsche Museum, the sculpture was officially unveiled in 2015. And it was now time for these giant steel structures to be maintained. The 911s were lowered to the ground by a crane in the middle of July. MACK GT then set up Layher bridge girders over the roundabout and installed a work platform using steel girders, square wood pieces and steel plates so that the maintenance teams could work on the pillars. What’s more, this work platform was not only able to be used to store large volumes of material but was also strong enough for machinery to be driven over it. With a point load of 32 kilonewtons, it had the strength to bear vehicles and machines weighing up to five tonnes.

Bespoke scaffold-based solutions are one of MACK Gerüsttechnik’s core areas of expertise. Founded in 1991 and based in Schönaich near Stuttgart, this well-known company takes on projects of all sizes and serves a wide variety of industries. It delivers a whole range of services including façade scaffolding, weatherproof structures, enclosed scaffolding and industrial scaffolds. MACK Gerüsttechnik became part of REMONDIS Maintenance & Services at the end of last year but continues to operate under its own name.

The 911s were able to be lifted up and reattached to the top of the pillars in Zuffenhausen at the beginning of September. We’re not quite sure, though, whether these particular sports cars are street legal as – for structural reasons – none of them has all the features found in their 911 model counterparts.

A video displaying an all-round view of the sculpture can be found on Porsche’s Website

Take a look at some more photos of this and other car sculptures on Gerry Judah’s website

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