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Professional asbestos disposal by BUCHEN UmweltService

During a car dealership fire in Landau, fibre cement panels containing asbestos burst from the roof. This released asbestos-containing particles that also contaminated neighbouring residential properties. BUCHEN UmweltService quickly ensured safety through professional cleaning and asbestos disposal.

If a large fire breaks out in the immediate vicinity of one's own home, queasy feelings quickly arise. Especially if the fire also releases asbestos particles, as recently happened in Landau. At the beginning of July, a car dealership in a residential area went up in flames at night. During the fire-fighting operations, it was suspected that fibre cement panels containing asbestos might have been installed in the roof of the building, which was in danger of collapsing. As a precautionary measure, the population was warned immediately and residents of two apartment buildings were temporarily evacuated.

Asbestos is the collective name for naturally occurring, fibrous silicate minerals. Since October 1993, the production and use of asbestos has been banned in Germany due to its proven carcinogenic effect.

Asbestos particles on residential properties

Analyses by an expert confirmed the fears. Parts of the building roof did indeed contain asbestos. What's more, the heat of the fire had caused fragments of the fibre cement panels to flake off, rise up with the thermals and fall to the south of the car dealership. As bright, fingernail-sized pieces, they lay on two adjacent stretches of the road and the properties of five nearby residential buildings. Among the residents, the difficult situation aroused fears and concerns.

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BUCHEN experts remove pollutants containing asbestos

In order to remedy the situation as quickly as possible, the city of Landau commissioned BUCHEN UmweltService, Southern Region, with initial cleaning and securing measures in the affected areas. BUCHEN experts for asbestos removal first cleaned the public areas designated by the expert. Using a special vacuum cleaner, but also by hand, the asbestos-containing slabs were removed from the pavements and asphalt walkways. Then it was on to the residential properties, where terraces, balconies, driveways and front gardens were cleaned.

Everyone knows about asbestos and the possible dangers associated with it. For the residents, our intervention therefore meant a great deal of reassurance. The certainty that professionals are there to take care of the situation has noticeably contributed to the relaxation, especially for the parents of smaller children.

Jürgen Bartz
Division Manager Building Renovation and Deconstruction at BUCHEN UmweltService, Southern Region

All-clear after professional disposal

The BUCHEN specialists temporarily stored the collected material on one of the closed road sections. It was then bound with cement in a plastic tent directly at the site of the damage and consolidated in barrels in preparation for transport to the disposal facility. After the three-day operation, the BUCHEN team was able to give the all-clear: The asbestos particles had been removed from the area around the car dealership. There was no longer any danger in public areas or on private properties.

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