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Rapid and effective insulation

Stable process temperatures and reduced heat loss thanks to high-tech coating

Innovations in the field of surface technology often open up new ways to save energy. XERVON Oberflächentechnik, the XERVON Group’s surface technology experts, offer a service that involves applying a high-tech insulating coat to e.g. tanks and large vessels using airless technology. A recent assignment at Molkerei Ammerland, a company based in Wiefelstede in the German state of Lower Saxony, shows just how effective this system is at sustainably reducing heat loss.

Molkerei Ammerland is one of the largest and most modern dairy businesses in Europe. Each year, it transforms 2,112 million kilogrammes of milk into a variety of products including whey powder. At the heart of this particular production process is a large tank (height: ca. 9m, diameter: ca. 4m) whose job it is to dry the powder. Operating at a temperature of 80°C, it is used non-stop 24/7. The company had been looking for a way to reduce the tank’s heat loss for a long while. Unable to use conventional insulation because of the specific whey production requirements, the company needed to find an innovative solution.

Coating the interior and exterior surfaces of industrial tanks is one of XERVON Oberflächentechnik's core areas of expertise.

Last year, this dairy business commissioned XERVON Oberflächentechnik to apply its high-tech insulating coat to this stainless steel tank. The specialists completed the work within just a few days – coating the tank’s exterior wall to create a ceramic and silica-based thermal barrier. Just 3 millimetres thick, the new coat had a major impact on reducing heat loss: the ambient temperature in the hot room, where the tank is located, fell by 15°C. This has created some obvious benefits for Ammerland. The lower temperature has improved the conditions in the room and created a safer environment for the employees. What’s more, it means less wear and tear on the technological infrastructure in the room. Last but by no means least, the company has further improved its carbon footprint – helping it to take a step further towards reaching its sustainability goals.

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