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Making water jetting safer

New DIN standard factors in BUCHEN’s experience and know-how

Health and safety in the workplace are core elements of BUCHEN’s company policy. Which is why it is fully committed to ensuring safety standards are constantly being improved. It does this in a variety of ways – from developing technical innovations all the way through to participating in the cre-ation of DIN standards. As was the case recently when the specialist knowledge of the company’s water jetting experts was factored in to DIN 19430:2021-05 – the first universal standard on protective clothing that should be worn when carrying out water jetting work.

Performing blasting work with high pressure water jets is one of BUCHEN’s main areas of expertise. Having gathered extensive practical experience from working in this field for so many decades, this skilled service provider was able to pass on valuable information to the NA 075-05-05-02 AK work group set up by the DIN Norm’s Personal Protective Equipment Committee.

The graphic symbol for water jetting protective clothing must be attached to the garment followed by details about discharge pressure levels for flat spray nozzles, rotating jet nozzles and round spray nozzles.

Published in May, DIN 19430 also sets out the relevant test procedures and manufacturer information besides the standards and requirements for the protective clothing. More-over, a labelling system has been developed that makes it possible to identify the safety-relevant aspects at a glance – based on the discharge pressure level of the water jet and the type of nozzle used. As far as BUCHEN is concerned, its two-year collaboration with the work group was well worth its while. This new standard makes it much clearer which protective clothing should be purchased. Progress that will help grow safety and benefit both the company’s operatives and customers.

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