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Berlin is building with XERVON

Architecture in safe hands

Things are moving forward in Germany’s capital city. Berlin is busy building. Many of the construction projects have been spurred on by the city’s acute housing shortage in the hope that the situation will be eased if new housing is created. Refurbishment projects are also leading to completely new developments being built all along the River Spree – even now when the country is in the grip of a pandemic. With the construction sector being so busy, XERVON Gerüstbau, the Group’s scaffolding specialists, is busy, too: over the last four to five years, XERVON has, on average, had over 200,000m² of façade scaffold erected around Berlin. Were this to be set up side by side, it would cover 28 football pitches.

Façade scaffolding covering more than 45,000m² can be found in Berlin-Hellersdorf alone (between Zossener Straße and Havelländer Ring). In this particular case, XERVON is helping the Stadtgut Hellersdorf project to build around 1,500 new flats, which should be completed by the end of 2022. A reliable service provider is needed to be able to set up such large-scale scaffolding – one that has sufficient volumes of personnel, scaffold material and equipment. And, of course, the demands on the company increase proportionally when a large number of major construction projects, which may need several years to complete, are planned simultaneously.

Whether it be modern architecture or a historical showpiece: complex buildings need complex scaffold structures that take all details of the sophisticated architecture into account.

Being one of the leading scaffolding providers in the region, XERVON can also be found working in Berlin, primarily via its Eisenhüttenstadt, Leipzig and Schwarze Pumpe branches. A number of other projects are also being supported by its Schwedt branch. This ability to pool resources enables the different branches to deliver a reliable service no matter how high the demand may be. Indeed, this is one of the reasons why XERVON has built up such a good reputation, and not just in Berlin. More and more private and public sector building contractors are turning to XERVON for support, especially for more complex construction projects. Over the last few years, for example, these scaffolding specialists have been working at Berlin Brandenburg Airport and at the James-Simon-Galerie, a project which has seen a new entrance building and visitor centre being built for Berlin’s Museum Island. XERVON also took over some of the scaffolding work needed for a project to build a building complex containing 5,000 rooms, which is now the new head office of Germany’s foreign intelligence service, the Bundesnachrichtendienst.

Besides brand new buildings, the company’s order book also includes complex scaffold services for renovation projects. XERVON, for example, was called in to erect scaffolding around the Unter den Linden Berlin State Library, a historical building situated in the centre of the city that was reopened to visitors at the beginning of the year following extensive refurbishment work. XERVON also put up façade scaffolding around the Federal Archives building in Berlin-Lichterfelde to enable construction measures to be carried out. The work here focused on Building 903, which dates back to the German Empire and used to be the living quarters of the then Prussian cadet school.

Berlin is thriving and it will continue to alter its skyline to make it an ever better place for its residents and its visitors to enjoy. Being such a reliable partner, XERVON will also be joining in, helping the capital city as it moves into the future – to build new residential areas as well as to maintain its historical buildings.

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