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Unconventional chimney cleaning

Hardened soot in the chimney of a dairy shop required BUCHEN UmweltService to adapt the cleaning process and find a new disposal route at short notice.

Surprises are almost the order of a day in industrial cleaning. It happens repeatedly that constellations that were previously explored in the best possible way turn out to be somewhat different when they are analysed in detail after the plant has been shut down. These are the situations that show whether the service partner can deliver what he promises - namely speed of reaction, problem-solving skills and flexibility.

Adapted cleaning process, new disposal route

When BUCHEN UmweltService recently had to clean a dairy shop chimney, the specialists expected caking due to hardened soot on the basis of the sample submitted in advance. In fact, however, they found burnt, sticky particles from milk powder production. This meant that not only a new disposal route had to be found for the material, the cleaning process also had to be adapted. Because of the sticky consistency, the 20-metre-long drain pipe of the chimney, which was equipped with three 90-degree bends, repeatedly clogged up during the work. Therefore, it was necessary to find an alternative access route for cleaning using high-pressure water. The suction line was not allowed to run through the food area of the dairy.

BUCHEN UmweltService cleaned the chimney, which is 60 metres high in total, over a distance of 40 metres, at about mid-height.

From bottom to top

Finally, the BUCHEN specialists cleaned the chimney in exactly the opposite direction than usual: instead of working from the top down, they worked from the bottom up. To protect the expansion joint installed close to the chimney section to be cleaned, manually guided high-pressure water technology was used first. The fan pipe was also cleaned using a high-pressure water gun. All in all, about 50 centimetres of deposits were removed from the lower section, thus gaining the necessary catchment space for the rinsing water that would otherwise have entered the production hall through the fan pipe.

Due to the special conditions on site, the degree of difficulty went far beyond usual chimney cleaning. It is therefore all the more pleasing that we were able to quickly find a solution from which the dairy can benefit for a long time to come.

Thorsten Bogaschöwsky
Head of Industrial Services South, BUCHEN UmweltService

Professional removal of the disposal material

The main cleaning was then carried out automatically. The tank washing head, which was inserted through a small opening, was attached to a crane inside the chimney. The BUCHEN specialists extracted the rinsing water, including the dirt dissolved in it, via an 80-metre-long suction line. The solids dissolved during the cleaning process were removed from the chimney by a lift car. The cleaning was a complete success for the dairy shop. They now plan to have the chimney cleaned regularly every three years and thus ensure that the previous difficulties in the exhaust air area are history once and for all.

REMONDIS Maintenance & Services GmbH & Co. KG