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Electricity instead of diesel

Practicable ideas – good for business and the environment

From emissions trading, to carbon pricing, to the Green Deal: fossil fuels are subject to ever more stringent conditions as countries look to reach their climate targets. A development that makes good sense from an ecological point of view but also one that presupposes the availability of practicable alternatives. BUCHEN is, therefore, systematically working on ways to help its customers to not only grow their efforts to curb climate change and protect the environment but also to benefit financially at the same time.

BUCHEN’s initiatives primarily focus on continuously further improving its performance in its core business area, industrial cleaning. The reason for this is clear: industrial processes can only be energy efficient and have a good carbon footprint if they run smoothly and are not disrupted by deposit build-up and residue. At the same time, BUCHEN prefers to deploy innovative equipment as such technology opens up promising avenues to make savings, especially when it involves large-scale electrical machinery.

Promoting sustainability

Faced with ambitious climate action conditions and the growing cost of using fossil fuels, industrial businesses find themselves having to cope with ever greater challenges. BUCHEN KraftwerkService offers two effective solutions in the area of industrial cleaning: by systematically further improving its performance and by growing its range of electrical equipment.

Industrial cleaning projects often require HP pumps, vacuum units, compressors, dust extraction units and other large pieces of equipment to be operated for several days at a time and, in some instances, round the clock. This means huge volumes of fuel are consumed when conventional, diesel-run models are deployed. Vacuum/suction trucks, for example, consume, on average, up to 50 litres per hour when they are in operation – with all the disadvantages that come with this.

BUCHEN KraftwerkService already has an extensive pool of high performance large-scale electrical units, which are both more environmentally friendly and more cost friendly. The company also expects this number to increase: as more and more advances are being made on the machinery market, so, too, is BUCHEN KraftwerkService expanding its range of electrical units, for example machinery with frequency converter technology and high efficiency electric motors.

BUCHEN KraftwerkService is already able to clean boilers, vessels and reactors using only electrical equipment.

Sustainable cost and environmental benefits

Used in the field, these large-scale electrical units create significant cost benefits for customers. A WIP with four incineration lines demonstrates just how beneficial they can be. If the four lines are cleaned every year – with each line being cleaned over a 14-day period using a two-shift system – then BUCHEN KraftwerkService can, over the year, potentially reduce overall costs by a five or six figure sum (euros).

These units also greatly improve a company’s climate footprint – something that is important for both their energy audits and sustainability reports. Compared to diesel-run machinery, BUCHEN KraftwerkService’s electrical units reduce carbon emissions, on average, by 30% to 40%. In some cases, a 50% reduction is even possible. Noise pollution is cut by up to 20 decibels, i.e. by 50% as well. These are particularly important benefits, especially when the units are used overnight close to residential areas.

BUCHEN is continuously developing new solutions to drive forward sustainability. Thanks to its pioneering innovations in the industrial cleaning sector, the Group is also helping to ensure the EU Commission’s Green Deal is a success.

For these large-scale electrical units to be used, the operatives must, of course, have access to a suitable supply of electricity. BUCHEN KraftwerkService can help out here, too. Before a project begins, the company’s experts check the site to see whether the mains supply is sufficient or needs to be extended. Such analyses also provide concrete figures showing exactly how the use of this machinery cuts carbon emissions and costs. Customers can see straight away how they may benefit from using electrical units and how quickly a possible investment may bring a return.

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